Toy Box 2PL - Play3r5 - SAC Team Games
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Dimensions: W:160cm D: 97cm H: 226cm

Weight: 288kg


Toy Box 2PL


 Elevating Crane Machines To New Heights

Toy Box is a groundbreaking series of crane machines that redefine arcade entertainment. Offering 1P, 2P, 4P, LCD and XL options, discover why Toy Box stands out in the world of claw machines. With its unparalleled versatility, customizable lighting options, claw adaptability, and dynamic setup,  Toy Box offers an unmatched experience you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Customizable LED Lighting
  • LED Lights available in: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, and more
  • Also available in 1-player, 4-Player, LCD and XL Options


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