Speed of Light - Play3r5 - SAC Team Games
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Dimensions: W: 187 cm D: 164 cm H: 237 cm
Weight: 240 Kg

Speed of Light

SKU: RDP-001 Categories: , ,
SKU: RDP-001 Categories: , ,

In this fantastic new and very unique ticket redemption game, players must move like the “speed of light” to win tickets ! In this new human physical skill and agility exer-gaming piece (which is also patent pending), the faster players are, the more they win ! Players try to tap the buttons as they are lit as quickly as possible, which requires quick interaction and hand-eye coordination – Single or Dual player modes!

With this stunning 8 FEET HIGH open lattice centerpiece attraction with a eye-catching backlit platform, your FEC,
Arcade or Fun Center is sure to rake in the big profits !

Speed Of Light comes with (2) ?Wings with playing instructions for Single and 2 Player modes, along with its a new “background grill” on the light matrix play-field.

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