Sideshow - Play3r5 - SAC Team Games
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Dimensions: W: 219 cm D: 230 cm H: 244 cm


SKU: RDP-002 Categories: , ,
SKU: RDP-002 Categories: , ,

From Pan Amusements comes this very fun, nostalgic, classic, and compact Midway Shooting Gallery Arcade Game Machine with a Ticket Redemption feature that is easy to understand with simple gameplay that the whole family can enjoy !

Equally at home in arcades, FEC’s and theme parks Sideshow has fourteen targets including spinning
cards, clown’s bowtie, tin cans, stars and spirals
and ducks. All targets have sound effects with background music and there is ?encourage to play
speech. Proven winner with fast payback time !

SideShow 3 Player Shooting Gallery Features :

(14) Fun, Interactive & Wacky Shooting Targets
Digital Sound System With Fun Scoring FX Sounds !
Compact Footprint With (3) Light Gun Rifle Consoles
“Roll Up, Roll Up” Styled Voice-Overs
New Trailing Attraction Lighting !
New Bonus Feature !
Fun For The Entire Family !
(3) Built-In Ticket Dispensers Included !

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