Raccoon Rampage - Play3r5 - SAC Team Games
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Dimensions: W: 246cm D: 170cm H: 264cm

Weight: 545kg

Raccoon Rampage


Rampage Your Way To Victory!

Raccoon Rampage is a 4-player water blasting game that will leave you craving for more action!  Rampage through the levels, collect valuable props, and unlock weapon boosts that will help you wreak havoc on your enemies. Collaborate with your fellow raccoon agents to strategically overcome obstacles and engage in epic boss battles that will put your skills and strategy to the test.  Get ready to go on a thrilling journey through filled with fun challenges!

  • Team up to 4 players
  • Dynamic tactical gameplay
  • Battle through 4 action-packed levels
  • Gather weapons, props to defeat bosses, and reap rewards
  • 65-inch 4K ultra HD screen
  • Powerful water blasters with force feed-back

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