Lane Master Xtreme - Play3r5 - SAC Team Games
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Dimensions: W: 165 cm D: 287cm H: 265cm

Weight: 585 kg

Lane Master Xtreme


Strikes, Spares…And Power Balls!

Lane Master Extreme is the revolutionary digital bowling arcade game that will take your gaming experience to the next level! This digital bowling game is an “extreme” upgrade from the original Lane Master, featuring innovative new features, new design, and new “power-up” balls to elevate your bowling experience. Combining physical and digital elements, Lane Master Extreme is set to redefine your idea of arcade-style bowling. Get ready for more excitement, more challenges, and endless fun!

  • Fusion of physical and digital fun
  • Single/multiplayer modes
  • Hit as many pins as you can within the time limit
  • Collect unique power-ups for a competitive edge
  • Unlock hidden superpowers by scanning QR-code Power Balls
  • Prize wheel for bonus tickets & Power Ball Prizes
  • Option to play without Power Balls/ hopper/scanner

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