Harley Davidson King of the Road DLX - Motion Simuator - Play3r5 - SAC Team Games
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Dimensions: W: 156 cm D: 240 cm H: 227 cm
Weight: 382 Kg

Harley Davidson King of the Road DLX – Motion Simuator

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SKU: ARC-003 Categories: , ,

Players Compete Against the “KING” on the Harley Davison
“King Of The Road” Video Arcade Motion Ride Game!

Riding their favorite motorcycle, players join the race started by the mysterious main character, the “KING”.

Multiple Motorcycle Styles to Choose From ! The varied motorcycle lineup can be enjoyed by all players, and not limited to Harley fans, from vintage to current HD models !

Plays Various 70’s Classic Rock Songs ! Rock tunes are played that are classics of the 70’s such as “Highway Star” and various original tunes created for this game !

The realistic cabinet of H-D KOTR Invites players into
the Harley-Davidson World Of Motorcycles, as players experience riding a realistic Harley Motorcycle live !

The Deluxe Cabinet model features the HD “V-Twin”
Biking Experience, and also the included Bike Motion System along with realistic motorcycle movements !

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