Dead Heta Street Racing Game Twin - Play3r5 - SAC Team Games
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Dimensions: W: 204 cm D: 162 cm H: 268 cm
Weight: 540 Kg

Dead Heta Street Racing Game Twin

SKU: ARC-018 Categories: , ,
SKU: ARC-018 Categories: , ,

Dead Heat is an intense driving game that focuses on head-to-head competition.

Dead Heat NOS Street Racing 42″ Game Features :

▪ Novice or Advanced, every race will be fun and
challenging, and will always be a “dead heat” ending !

▪ New Integrated Camera takes a picture of the players
and uses that photo to identify your car and other
players you are racing against in real-time during the
race! Never wonder who you are competing against!

▪ Social Networking Tree ! When players race the same
people again, Dead Heat software recognizes them
as their friends through the Dead Heat PIN system !

▪ Patented software technology analyzes the players
driving style and remembers it for future “ghost” races!

▪ The Player PIN Entry system encourages repeat play
and location loyalty by offering both performance and
cosmetic enhancements to players for the next race !

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