Bounce Mania Trampoline Twin - Play3r5 - SAC Team Games
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Dimensions: W: 568 cm D: 350 cm H: 309 cm

Bounce Mania Trampoline Twin

SKU: KID-033 Categories: , ,
SKU: KID-033 Categories: , ,

An interactive gaming system that combines playing video games with the fun of a trampoline. The system includes a digital box and a motion sensor that goes underneath the trampoline. Motion detectable sensor tracks your movement as you jump on the trampoline while playing virtual games on TV.
Jumping on a trampoline has never been more fun!
• Control characters by jumping on the trampoline pad
• Vibrant design, extra wide trampoline
• 2 pre-installed games; more games available for download
• Fitness Mode tracks workout progress
• Perfect for indoor playgrounds, sporting venues and FECs

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